I am a senior at Columbia University Computer Science. My main research interests are in computer vision and natural language processing, and more broadly in unsupervised and self-supervised machine learning.

I am a member of Carl Vondrick's Computer Vision laboratory and serve as a Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science department. Previously, I was a member of Suman Jana's Security laboratory, where we investigated adversarial robustness in neural nets and machine learning applications for automated vulnerability detection. I spent a summer working on machine learning optimization at Intel.


I believe that the future of artificial intelligence lies in algorithms that learn from massive amounts of unlabeled data. I enjoy working on research in self-supervised vision, language, and sound, with the goal of solving complex tasks that require creativity and developing a rich conceptual understanding of the open world.



Advanced Computer Vision
Teaching Assistant
COMS 6998-3 (Spring 2019)
Data Structures and Algorithms
Teaching Assistant (Fall 2017 - Summer 2019)
COMS 3134